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7/22 "About This Site" Modified.
7/20 "index" Modified.
7/18 "Lesson" KIDS-IDEACRAFT Lesson added. Photo of the workes of KIDS-IDEA.COM added. "index" Modified.
7/15 "CRAFT Lesson" Made. CRAFT Lesson for children in summer vacation and CRAFT Lesson for adult from September in Japan added."index" Modified.

1/17 Calendar of Other "2006 Calendar" Addeded. "index" Modified.
1/28 Calendar of Other "2005 Calendar" Addeded. "index" Modified.
7/25  Craft "Piggy Bank 1", "Piggy Bank 2", "Piggy Bank 3" Made.
7/10  "Mail Form" Made.
4/6 Gift "berrystory1, 1(small) Wrapping paper" Made. Cutting Paper "List of Various Works" Made. Coloring "List of Various Works" Made. "index" Modified.
3/5  "Top page" Modified.
1/14  Flip Book of Other "From D", Wrapping Paper "Heart1, 2 and 3" Addeded. "index" Modified.
12/17 "index" Modified.
12/12 Calendar of Other "2004 Calendar" Addeded. "index" Modified.
12/3 Ornament of Christmas "Ornament2" and "Ornament3" Added. "index" Modified.
11/30 Wrapping Paper "Snowflake1-19" Changed. "index" Modified.
11/28 Flip Book of Other "Colors1" Made, Doll1 of Craft "Christmas clothes"Added. "index" Modified.
11/27 Gift "3D Bows1-2" Modified, Card "Christmas" Added. "index" Modified.
11/26 Gift "List of 3D Bows" added. "index" Modified.
11/21 Gift "List of 3D Bows", Christmas "Ribbon" and "Bow" Made. "index" Modified.
10/30 Cutting Paper "List of Snowflake" Modified. "index" Modified.
10/27 Gift "Halloween1, 1(small), 1(mix) Wrapping paper" Made. Cutting Paper "List of Halloween" Made. Coloring "List of Halloween" Made. "index" Modified.
10/24 Cutting Paper "List of Snowflake" Made. Christmas "Snowflake1-19, Snowflake1-19(small) Wrapping paper" Made. "index" Modified.
10/23 Other "Calendar/2003.11-1", "Calendar/2003.12-1" Made. "index" Modified.
10/10 Musical Instrument "List of the stringed instrument" and "List of the musical instrument was made of the plalnt" Made. "index" Modified.
10/3 Gift "Acorn1, 1(small), Leaf4, 4(small) Wrapping paper" Made. "index" Modified.
9/18 Other "Calendar/2003.10-1" Made. "index" Modified.
9/16 Gift "Dragonfly1, 1(small), Dragonfly2, 2(small) Wrapping paper", Coloring "Dragonfly1", Cutting Paper "Dragonfly2" Made. "index" Modified.
9/1 "About This Site" "About Link" Made. "index" Modified.
8/18 Other "Calendar/2003.9-1" Made. "index" Modified.
8/8 Card "Sunflower1 card, letter paper and envelope", Gift "Sunflower1, 1(small) Wrappingpaper" Made. "index" Modified.
8/6 Craft "Papercrafts/a two-story house8" Made. "index" Modified.
7/23 Craft "Papercrafts/house3-7" Added. "index" Modified.
7/18 "index" Modified.
7/16 Other "Calendar/2003.8-1", Gift "Fireworks1, 1(small) Wrappingpaper" Made. "index" Modified.
7/15 Game "Words Serches/Summer in Japan1" Made. "index" Modified.
7/14 Other "Diary" Made. "index" Modified.
7/9 Coloring "Watermelon3", Cutting Paper "Watermelon1(Black & White), 1(Color), 2(Black & White), 2(Color), 3(Black & White), 3(Color)", Gift "Watermelon1, 1(small), 2, 2(small), 3 and 3(small) Wrappingpaper" Made. "index" Modified.
6/24 Other "Calendar/2003.7-1", "Calendar/2003.7-2" Made. "index" Modified.
6/22 "index" Modified.
6/19 Colorong "hydrangea1" Made. "index" Modified.
6/9 Craft "Paper doll1"Made. "index" Modified.
5/19 Other "Calendar/2003.6", Gift "umbrella1 and 1(small) wrappingpaper" Made. "index" Modified.
5/15 Card "Father's day1 card, letter paper and envelope", Gift "Father's day1, 1(small) wrappingpaper" Made.
5/12 "index" Modified.
5/7 "index" Modified.
5/6 Card "Mother's day1 card, letter paper and envelope", Gift "Mother's day1, 1(small) wrappingpaper" Made. "index" Modified.
5/1 Card "Strawberry3 card, letter paper and envelope" Made.
4/25 Cutting Paper "Strawberry1, 2, 3(Black & White) and 3(Color) " Made.
4/24 Coloring "Food/strawberry3", Gift "Strawberry1, 1(small), 2, 2(small), 3 and 3(small) wrappingpaper" Made.
4/12 Other "Flip Book/from C" Made.
4/2 Craft "Papercraft, Building/shop (Bakery)" Made, "Papercraft, People/Bakers" added, "index" Modified.
3/28 "index" Modified, Craft "Skirt1" Made.
3/26 "index" Modified.
3/22 Other "Calendar/2003.4 and 2003.5" Made.
3/20 Card "Flower16 card, letter paper, envelope" Made.
3/14 Gift "Flower13, 13(small), 14, 14(small), 15 and 15(small) wrappingpaper", Ctting Paper "Flower13, 14, 15" Made.
3/12 Gift "ume2 wrappingpaper" Made.
3/4 Wind instruments of Musical instruments "Flute1", "Flute2" Made.
2/27 Gift "Hinamaturi2 and ume1 wrappingpaper", Other "Flip Book/from B" Made.
2/26 Game "Words Serches/Japanese sweet things", Other "Calendar/2003.3", Gift"Hinamaturi1 wrappingpaper" Made.
2/22 "index" Modified.
2/8 Other "Flip Book" Made.
2/5 "index" Modified.
2/3 "a Dress1" Modified.
1/31 "Sled1 wrappingpaper" Made.
1/30 Game"Jigsaw Puzzle" , SOCK WORLD"Jigsaw Puzzle" , Craft "Papercraft, Building" Made.
1/23 Craft "Papercraft/Building" , "Papercraft/People", Other "Calendar/2003.2" Made.
1/16 "Bookcover3" , wrappingpaper "bear1(small)" "pig1(small)" "rabbit1(small)" Made.
1/15 "Bookcover1" "Bookcover2" Made.
1/8 "Snowman1 wrappingpaper" Made.
1/6 "a Dress1" on the craft Made.
12/31 "Fukuwarai" Made.
12/20 Top page Modified.
12/13 "Christmas wrappingpaper" Made.
12/12 Made.

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