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Craft : Glove Puppet1

photo of glove puppet1:step1 1 photo of glove puppet1:step2 2 photo of glove puppet1:step3 3
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photo of glove puppet1:step10 10 photo of glove puppet1:step11 11 photo of glove puppet1:Completion Completion

  1. To make a body of glove puppet, crumple up and smooth out the envelope.
  2. Place the thumb and the middle finger on to the corner of the envelope and draw round the hand with a pen.
  3. Cut it like the photograph.
  4. Try to put the hand into it.
  5. To make it strong, using a piece of sticky tape, put around the part of thumb, forefinger and middle finger.
  6. Using double-sided sticky tape, stick the tape on the envelope like the photograph.
  7. Put some leaves on the double-sided sticky tape from lower of the envelope.
  8. Now you can decorate the envelope with a lot of leaves.
  9. To make a head of glove puppet, using color pens, draw a face on a leaf.
  10. Draw round your forefinger on the back of the leaf. Then stick double-sided sticky tape on it.
  11. Stick the leaf and another leaf together.
  12. Put the head of glove puppet on your forefinger. Completion!

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